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Garcinia Cambogia is a natural supplement that has recently become a sensation for those looking to lose serious weight. Unlike other diet medications that often come with serious side effects, Garcinia is 100% natural and great for the body.

Reducing the appetite to curb unwanted cravings has long been a struggle researches have striven to solve.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of a much lessened “urge to eat” as well as other perks.

It also has a wide variety of general health benefits in addition to its weight loss effects (due to the active ingredient “HCA” – hydroxycitric acid). It has been recommended by many doctors because of its proven to ability to help people burn fat without exercising or changing their diet.

Plenty of nutritionists have concurred that the quickest way to get in shape is by supplementing one’s existing diet with herbal aids.

These weight loss supplements are quickly becoming the most sought-after vitamins and medications in the London area (especially for the obese).

They could put a stop to the obesity epidemic- if people are properly educated about using them correctly. However, some dietitians say that their recent surge in popularity has rendered some slimming tablets untrustworthy.

“Your caloric intake is still the biggest factor to consider on the topic of weight loss”, says Susan Buckley, head researcher at the University of Cambridge. “If you are going to count how many you take in, and how many you expend on the treadmill every day, however, you mine as well be aiding your exercise with these capsules.”

This advice has been taken to hard by many hoping to lose a few stones before next summer. Indeed, many men and women alike dream about their ideal body and what they will look like when the sun comes back out.

Garcinia Cambogia, perhaps the biggest such product to make headlines in recent times, is now available pretty much anywhere you look.

Many people are stocking up online so they don’t run out.

When compared with other supplements like Xenical and the newly developed Belviq- many users are saying that they simply get better results using an all-natural extract.

It should also be said that this plan carries the added benefit of minimizing the risk of pesky side effects that often accompany these other options, which many call “traditional weight loss medications.”

Below I put the best supplier of Garcinia Cambogia in the UK:

garcinia cambogia extract

> Buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract <

Pure GC is definitely the best brand and the most potent in terms of weight loss benefits.

This particular supplement contains 100% pure Garcinia extract with no additives (some of the cheaper knockoff versions have a lot of fillers and binders and less HCA). It contains sixty-percent hydroxycitric acid, which is as high as you can find anywhere.

This is what really sold me on trying it out as this is the exact amount of HCA recommended by doctors on TV and many of the Garcinia Cambogia reviews I read.

slim woman holding garcinia

How Garcinia Works To Stimulate Weight Loss In The Body

Garcinia has a variety of weight loss effects that I will explain here. Keep in mind that all of these are the direct result of the hydroxycitric acid contained in the capsules. This substance is a naturally occurring compound in the rind of the fruit of the Malabar Tamarind tree.

Its main effects include:

  • Decreasing the user’s appetite
  • Decreasing general food cravings
  • Elevating the user’s metabolism to burn off deposits of fat
  • Preventing carbs from becoming fats once ingested(this is key)
  • A noticeable increase in energy

When I personally began taking pure Garcinia Cambogia extract, I noticed these effects take place at different times. For example, some of them require the substance to build up in your body before you begin feeling it- while others come on sooner. Here I will give a synopsis of that.

About two days after I began taking it, I noticed I was craving junk food a little bit less. Not a huge decrease in my appetite, but in general I just did not feel the need to snack as much (I would normally eat something bad after work when I was relaxing at home).

After about 2 weeks of taking it I believe this effect fully-kicked in, however, because I stopped eating junk food completely and have not craved it since. Chips, soda, candy, and other junk food stopped sounding good and instead let me think about eating something more filling, healthier, and better for me in general instead.

The fat-burning effects did not come on for me until I had been taking it daily for about a week. But I could feel my metabolism working a little bit more and my waist started going down bit by bit. I was also doing some light exercise(jogging around my block) at the time but was having trouble losing anything noticeable before I began this regimen with the supplement.

extract rind

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Diet Plan

One thing that I think is vital to keep in mind is that you need to stick to the basics when you are trying to lose weight. Although many people have had significant results when using Garcinia Cambogia without exercising or changing their diet, if you do also incorporate a healthy diet and some light exercise into your life, you are going to see results even faster.

When I personally started out using the extract I was not exercising all that much. Typically only about 3 times a week I would go for a short run around my neighborhood and I never had a gym membership because I did not want to pay for it.

While I continued with this for the first few weeks of my Garcinia regimen and noticed good results, after a while I did decide to amp it up. Exercising a little harder, doing dumbbell lifts in my house and running more frequently and for longer, I was able to shed a total of 17 kg within a period of about 3 months. Which was amazing for me.

Now I am not exercising quite as much but I still take pure Garcinia Cambogia extract daily because it reduces my food cravings and helps my metabolism- and the fat around my midsection and thighs has not come back since.

carbs model

A diagram of the different types of carbs as processed by your body.

Another tip I must give is related to carbs. It is imperative, if you are trying to lose weight, to realize that carbohydrates are the number one worst type of food you could ingest. This is because almost all carbs are quickly metabolized into fatty acids after they enter your body. Here is a science page about Garcinia Cambogia.

The great thing about Garcinia Cambogia is that it actually changes your metabolic processes to prevent a certain amount of these bad carbs from becoming fats- that is why people are sometimes able to lose weight without any diet or exercise whatsoever.

However, keep in mind that if you can, you want to avoid breads, pastas, and such as much as possible to further maximize your success. I personally have stopped eating white bread(now only wheat) and I also do not crave it as much since I realized how bad it is for me.

The chances of GC having any major or minor side effects are remote. That is primarily due to the fact that it is a natural fruit extract which means there are no chemical additions or medications added to it. The extract is sold as is. The extract is taken from the fruit Tamarind. It doesn’t undergo any processing that can change its natural nutritional composition. None of the people who have used the weight loss supplement have reported the occurrence of any side effects, major or minor.

I also avoid a lot of frozen meals(which I previously ate) that contained highly processed pastas and such. Now I am also improving my diet more and more as time goes on, but it is great to know that your diet doesn’t need to be perfect- you just need to take steps in the right direction to start seeing results.

caloric intake

This is an especially valid point because, as you can see in the image above, monitoring the amount of calories you consume is extremely important when you are on this journey.

If you are ingesting too many and not getting sufficient exercise to burn them off, you are doing yourself a disservice.

A Word Of Advice On Bad Brands

I have personally reviewed several varieties of Garcinia Cambogia, and never really had much success with the store-bought ones that come from the supermarket. The reason for this, as I later found out, is because they lack in purity and contain a very small amount of the active ingredient(HCA). I have also heard similar stories from friends and all around the weight loss forums I frequent online.

bad cambogia bottle

Stay away from bad products like this. Many of these are produced in Asian factories in poor-quality labs and not cold-pressed to preserve the structural integrity of natural compounds. They also contain a lot of fillers and binding substances in general.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract is by far the most highly-renowned Garcinia brand due to its user’s results, proof of effectiveness, and purity. So below I will put another link to it.

The Highest Quality Pure Garcinia In The United Kingdom

health logoHere is a pic of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract. You can click the link to visit the supplier’s webpage. This is definitely the best place to buy Garcinia Cambogia because it is of the highest quality compared to other products.

As mentioned above, their capsules are great because they contain 100% Garcinia with no fillers and have a hydroxycitric acid content of 60%.

garcinia cambogia extract

> Buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract <

The purity and high HCA content is really the biggest benefit of using this brand. Like I said above, some people that take this do lose weight without changing their lifestyle at all- I personally opted to do both at the same time and had great results. I definitely recommend it if you want something that will reduce your food cravings and elevate your metabolism to block fat formation.

Special Note On This Supplier: If you are able to view the order form on their page then they are in stock. However, when they are out they show a “maintenance” screen. I would suggest ordering while they are up because this brand is in insane demand right now and they will often go out of stock for weeks.